Attention: Self-supporting students (current or prospective students in April 2017)
at The School of Engineering and Graduate School of Information Science and Technology.




登録期間中に留学生支援チームまで来られない方は、友人・研究室のスタッフ等に 下記期間内に代理申請してもらうようにしてください。


  • 登録期間:
    • 2016年2月27日(月)~3月2日(木) 9:00~17:00 (平日)
  •  登録場所:
    • 留学生支援チーム (本郷キャンパス 工学部8号館1階) 申請書類を提出し、窓口PCに必要事項を入力
  • 詳細はこちら (申請書類のダウンロード可能)
  • 注意:
    • 登録期間最終日は混みあいますので、早めに登録されることをお勧めします。

The School of Engineering and Graduate School of Information Science and Technology have their own registration system to recommend international self-supporting students for private scholarships. Students who wish to apply for scholarships which require university’s recommendation have to register for this system.

Please note that even the  students who  registered before,  have to register AGAIN in the period outlined below.
You need to register twice a year for this Registration System (around the end of Feb. and the end of Aug.)

If you cannot come to the OIS for registration by yourself, please ask someone(ex. your laboratory staffs,friends) to register in place of you .
In case your application is incomplete, we will contact you by call or email. Please keep checking your e-mail addre so that you can respond immediately.

  • Registration Period :
    • 27th February, 2017(Mon)~2nd March, 2017(Thu) Weekdays 9:00~17:00
  • Place :
    • Office of International Students(OIS),  (Engineering Building #8, 1st floor)
  • How to register :
    • Submit application documents, and input all required information into the PC at the counter in OIS
  • details (You can download the application)
  • notice :
    • It will be so crowded on the last day  at OIS.