Two real estate companies will hold a consltation respectively at Go Global Center (Faculty of Science 1, East, 1st floor) Hongo Campus on the following dates.

不動産業者2社が、本郷キャンパス Go Global センター (理1号館東棟)において下記の日程でそれぞれ住居相談会を開きますのでお知らせいたします。

19, Feb (Tue)  10:30~18:00 HOUSE Mate

21, Feb (Thu)  10:30~18:00 Minimini

At Go Grobal  Center (Faculty of Science 1Bldg,  East, 1st floor) Hongo Campus

Language: Japanese,  English,  and Chinese

For your reference, you can check  information of the two real estate companies as follows.